Made in Italy

All the components designed and manufactured follow high standards respecting the Made in Italy tradition and the Italian technological avant-garde.


Great attention to detail. Electrical systems and components are designed, produced and tested with a ‘hand made’ approach to leave nothing to chance.

Simplicity and Avant-garde

Over the years we got specialized in the creation of simple products to install, with cutting-edge and customized technologies

Baglini Group | we are part of a bigger project

Baglini Controlli is a part of Baglini Ascensori Group, the group born in 1973 that produces and installs elevators to bring its customers “up”.

From a small local company it has become an established and recognized national and international reality. Today, Baglini Ascensori Group, satisfies the requests of the most important Design Studios and collaborates with the most established Architects, designing lift systems for the major international brands in fashion, retail, catering, luxury hotel, distribution, residential and exhibition.


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